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Thumbwheel Switch


Dust-tight, Easy-to-Use, Push-operated Switches with Large Display Characters

Switches (Single Switch Units)

Model A7PS A7PH
(See note 1.)
Snap-in (front mounting)
Snap-in (front mounting)
Long-life type
Character height Decimal: 6.8 mm Hexadecimal: 4.0 mm
Terminals Solder terminals
Color Light gray Black Light gray Black
Output code number Model
03 (decimal code) A7PS-203 A7PS-203-1 A7PH-203 A7PH-203-1
06 (binary coded decimal) A7PS-206 A7PS-206-1 A7PH-206 A7PH-206-1
07 (binary coded decimal,
with component-adding provision) * 1
A7PS-207 A7PS-207-1 A7PH-207 A7PH-207-1
19 (decimal code,
with component-adding provision)
A7PS-219 A7PS-219-1 --- ---
54 (binary coded hexadecimal) A7PS-254 A7PS-254-1 A7PH-254 A7PH-254-1
55 (binary coded hexadecimal,
with component adding provision) * 1
A7PS-255 A7PS-255-1 --- ---

Note: 1. The classification diagrams show 4 Switch Units combined with End Caps to create 4-digit displays.
           2. The model numbers given above are for 1 Switch Unit.
           3. Models with stoppers are also available. Add "-S[][]" after the "203," "206," "207," "219," "254," or "255" in the
                model number and specify the display range in the [][]. For example, to specify the range 0 to 6, add "-S06" to
                the model number (e.g., A7PS-206-S06-1).
                “-SOF” can not be available for type -254, -255.
           4. Models with +, - displays can also be produced. Add "-PM" after the "206" in the model number (e.g.,
                A7PS-206-PM or A7PS-206-PM-1)
*1. Models with diodes are available. Add “-D” to the model number (e.g., A7PS-207-D or A7PS-207-D-1).

Accessories (Order Separately)

Use accessories, such as End Caps and Spacers, with the Switch Units.

Color Light gray Black
End Caps A7P-M A7P-M-1
Spacer A7P-P[]
(See note.)
(See note.)
Connectors Solder terminals NRT-C
PCB terminals NRT-CP

Note: The [] in the Spacer model number stands for a letter in the range A to U. (Refer to the table in the following
          explanation about Spacers.)

End Caps

End Caps are used on the Switch Units at each end and allow all the Switch Units to be securely mounted to a panel. They come in pairs, one for the left and one for the right.


  • Spacers are used for creating extra space or gaps between the Switch Units and have the same dimensions as the Switch Units themselves.
  • There are also Spacers with engraved characters or symbols that can be used for indicating units, such as time and length. (Refer to the following table.) Consult your OMRON representative for details.

Symbol A B C D E F G H J K L Q T U
Stamp No designation SEC MIN H g kg mm cm m °C PCS x 10