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V780 Series


V780 Series

3 in 1 UHF RFID System: Antenna, Amplifier & Controller


Standard Reader/Writers

Appearance Size (mm) Network Applicable countries *1 Model
3630_lu_1_1 250 × 250 × 70 Modbus/TCP base
Japan V780-HMD68-ETN-JP
Korea V780-HMD68-ETN-KR
China V780-HMD68-ETN-CN
Taiwan V780-HMD68-ETN-TW
India V780-HMD68-ETN-IN
Malaysia V780-HMD68-ETN-MY
Singapore and Thailand V780-HMD68-ETN-SG
Under RE direct. V780-HMD68-ETN-EU
Russia V780-HMD68-ETN-RU
United States and Canada V780-HMD68-ETN-US
Mexico V780-HMD68-ETN-MX
EtherNet/IP Japan V780-HMD68-EIP-JP
Korea V780-HMD68-EIP-KR
China V780-HMD68-EIP-CN
Taiwan V780-HMD68-EIP-TW
India V780-HMD68-EIP-IN
Malaysia V780-HMD68-EIP-MY
Singapore and Thailand V780-HMD68-EIP-SG
Under RE direct. V780-HMD68-EIP-EU
Russia V780-HMD68-EIP-RU
United States and Canada V780-HMD68-EIP-US
Mexico V780-HMD68-EIP-MX

Slave Reader/Writers

Appearance Size (mm) Network Applicable countries *1 Model
3630_lu_7_1 250 × 250 × 70 ---
(For Multi-Reader/
Writer function *2)
Japan V780-HMD68-ETN-JP-S
Korea V780-HMD68-ETN-KR-S
China V780-HMD68-ETN-CN-S
Taiwan V780-HMD68-ETN-TW-S
India V780-HMD68-ETN-IN-S
Malaysia V780-HMD68-ETN-MY-S
Singapore and Thailand V780-HMD68-ETN-SG-S
Under RE direct. V780-HMD68-ETN-EU-S
Russia V780-HMD68-ETN-RU-S
United States and Canada V780-HMD68-ETN-US-S
Mexico V780-HMD68-ETN-MX-S

*1. Contact your Omron representative for details on products for other countries.
*2. Communicates via the master reader/writer (V780-HMD68-E[][]-[][]).

RF Tag

Appearance Memory capacity Size (mm) Model
3630_lu_2_1 1 KB 150 × 14 × 6 V780-A-JIME-Z3BLI-10 *

* Contains 10 RF Tags per package.

RF Tag Attachment

Appearance Material Size (mm) Model
3630_lu_3_1 Polycarbonate plastic 180 × 50 × 30 V780-A-TA-133-10 *

* Contains 10 RF Tag Attachments per package.
Note: 1. Use the RF Tag Attachment when mounting on metal surface. Refer to the User's Manual for how to mount.
         2. Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. manufactures RF Tags and Attachments. For more information, visit the following website:


Recommended Ethernet Cables (Connection between Host Device and Reader/Writer)

Use STP (shielded twisted-pair) cable of category 5 or higher.

Specifications Cable length (m) * Model
Wire Gauge and Number
of Pairs:
AWG22, 2-pair Cable
Cable with Plug on One End and Socket on
Other End (M12 Straight/RJ45)
0.5 XS5W-T421-BME-K
1 XS5W-T421-CME-K
2 XS5W-T421-DME-K
5 XS5W-T421-GME-K
10 XS5W-T421-JME-K

* 3- and 15-m cables are also available.
Note: For details, refer to the Industrial Ethernet Connectors Catalog (Cat. No. G019).
         Other cable lengths, robot cables, and extension cables are available. Contact your Omron representative for details.

Recommended Power Cables (Connection between Power Supply and Reader/Writer)


Specifications Cable length
Cable outer diameter
Straight Connectors Angled Connectors
Model Model
Robot Cable
1 6 XS5F-D421-C80-F XS5F-D422-C80-F
2 XS5F-D421-D80-F XS5F-D422-D80-F
3 XS5F-D421-E80-F XS5F-D422-E80-F
5 XS5F-D421-G80-F XS5F-D422-G80-F
10 XS5F-D421-J80-F XS5F-D422-J80-F

Note: For details, refer to the XS5 datasheet.
         Other cable lengths and extension cables are available. Contact your Omron representative for details.

Recommended Industrial Switching Hubs

Appearance Functions No. of ports Model
3630_lu_6_1 Quality of Service (QoS):
EtherNet/IP control data priority
10/100BASE-TX, Auto-Negotiation
5 W4S1-05D