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Power Monitor


Global Power Monitor for On-panel Installation

(Unit: mm)

Power Monitor


KM-N3-FLK Dimensions 2

(CE marking compliant KM-N2/N3 dedicated products *)

KM-N3-FLK Dimensions 3

* The KM-NCT-E conforms to the standards shown above ONLY when it is used with a power monitor KM-N2-FLK or KM-N3-FLK to which it is attached. Use of the KM-NCT-E without a power monitor does not conform to these standards.

Optional Products (Order Separately)

Terminal Covers

E53-COV24 (Three Covers provided.)

KM-N3-FLK Dimensions 6

Waterproof Packing

Y92S-P10 (for DIN 96 × 96)

KM-N3-FLK Dimensions 8

The Waterproof Packing is provided with the KM-N3.
Order the Waterproof Packing separately if it becomes lost or damaged.
The Waterproof Packing for the front-panel Setup Tool port must be periodically replaced because they may deteriorate, shrink, or harden depending on the operating environment.
The replacement period will vary with the operating environment.
Check the required period in the actual application.
Use 3 years or sooner as a guideline.

Mounting Adapter

Y92F-51 (Two Adapters provided.)

KM-N3-FLK Dimensions 10

One pair is provided with the KM-N3.
Order this Adapter separately if it becomes lost or damaged.