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Smart Fiber Amplifier Units


2-channel Amplifier reduces installation space by half. Downsized Equipment and Control Panels


Downsized Equipment and Control Panels

This new 2-ch fiber amplifier unit has two-unit functions in the dimensions of the general one-unit. You need only half the number of units, substantially contributing to downsizing your equipment and control panels. More over, you can substantially reduce the purchase cost, wiring work, and power consumption.

E3NX-MA Features 2

Stable detection

From transparent objects to low-reflective workpieces Performance with Highly Stable Detection even with Two Channels

High Performance

E3NX-MA Features 5

Technologies That Realize Basic Performance

Powerful and Uniform Emission without Lost Light [HIGH-EFFECIENCY COUPLING ELEMENT GIGA RAY2S] [PAT]

[Optical Coupling Efficiency of 40%]
Since the distance between the fiber and the LED is short, light is transmitted without loss.
The lens and reflector emit powerful, uniform emission.

E3NX-MA Features 7

Low Noise to Accurately Capture Signals [LIGHT RECEPTION ALGORITHM Smart Noise Reduction]

The influences of noise are reduced to achieve stable incident light levels by increasing the number of samples taken.
This increases the margin for threshold values to achieve stable detection.

E3NX-MA Features 8

Easy operation

With the Press of a Single Button Anyone can Easily Set the Light Intensity and Threshold Automatically

Consistent Settings for All Users Smart Tuning Settings [PAT]

E3NX-MA Features 11

Reliable function

Two Decision Support Functions to Help You

Visual Displays of the Passing Time and Difference in Incident Levels. Solution Viewer [PAT]

E3NX-MA Features 14

Visual Information for Fast Workpieces Change Finder [PAT]

You can confirm changes in displayed values for fast workpieces to accurately set the threshold.

E3NX-MA Features 15

Wire-saving and work-saving

Wire-saving Connector Models Reduce Wiring Work

Power is supplied from the Master Connector; the Slave Connectors have output lines only. Since there are no Master/Slave distinctions in amplifier units, you can unify the stock into one model type.

E3NX-MA Features 17

More Wire-saving and Improved Productivity with Network Communications

Use Sensor Communications Units to save more wiring and remotely control up to 15 amplifier units (total 30 channels). Full-view screen for 2-ch threshold and light intensity is available; Collective setting reduces equipment commissioning time. The system monitors equipment conditions for preventive maintenance, and reduces downtime in case of trouble, enabling safe and stable operation of equipment.

E3NX-MA Features 18

Easy detection

Control outputs through numerical or logical operations are possible. A Single Sensor can Handle a Wide Range of Applications

Discrimination through numerical operations

E3NX-MA Features 21

Control output through logical operations

Output of the logical operation results between 1-ch and 2-ch sensing is possible.

E3NX-MA Features 22

[Reference] Output pattern of logical operations

Outputs discriminating the combination of operational results are possible: AND operation outputs when both 1ch and 2ch are turned ON, OR operation outputs when either 1ch or 2ch is turned ON, or when both 1ch and 2ch are turned ON, and XOR operation outputs when only either 1ch or 2ch is turned ON.

E3NX-MA Features 23