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LVS-9510 Series

Code Verification System

LVS-9510 Series

Desktop Barcode Verification System

Code Verification Systems

Type Field of view Model
LVS-9510 Verifier 76 mm 9510-5-3.0
102 mm 9510-5-4.0
114 mm 9510-5-4.5
159 mm 9510-5-6.250

Note: Be sure to use the power supply and power supply cord included with the product.
In addition, do not use the power supplies or power supply cords with any other electric or electronic equipment.


Type Model
EAN / UPC Calibrated Conformance Test Card (Included with 9510-5-3.0 / 4.0 / 4.5 / 6 / 250) 98-CAL020
GS1-128 Calibrated Conformance Test Card (Included with 9510-5-6.250) 98-CAL021
LVS-9510 and LVS-958[] Software Upgrade Option: Multi-Sector Verification 98-SOF0039
LVS-95[][] Software Upgrade Option: Automatic Login Feature 98-SOF0056
Software Upgrade Option: EAIV (Enhanced Application Identifier Verification) 98-SOF0088
LVS-95[][] IQ-OQ Validation Procedure Guidelines, v. 4.3 and later (includes text cards) 98-LVS0077
Validation Test Cards (35 test cards) 98-LVS-VTC