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Power Supply Unit


Supplies power to the CK3M Controller

Applicable standards

Ask your OMRON representative for the most recent applicable standards for each model.

Power Supply Unit

The models and outline of specifications are given below.

Product name Specifications Model
Power Supply Unit Rated output voltage: 5 VDC/24 VDC
Maximum output power: 5 VDC 23 W, 24 VDC 55 W

Applicable Wires

Using Ferrules

If you use ferrules, attach the twisted wires to them.
Observe the application instructions for your ferrules for the wire stripping length when attaching ferrules.
Always use plated one-pin ferrules. Do not use unplated ferrules or two-pin ferrules.

The applicable ferrules, wires, and crimping tools are listed in the following table.

Manufacturer Ferrule model Applicable wire
(mm2 (AWG))
Crimping Tool
(applicable wire size given in parentheses)
Phoenix Contact AI0,25-8 0.25 (#24) Phoenix Contact
CRIMPFOX 6 (0.25 to 6 mm2, AWG24 to 10)
AI0,5-8 0.5 (#20)
AI0,75-8 0.75 (#18)
AI1,0-8 1.0 (#18)
AI1,5-8 1.5 (#16)
Weidmüller H0.25/12 0.25 (#24) Weidmüller
PZ6 Roto (0.14 to 6 mm2, AWG26 to 10)
H0.34/12 0.34 (#22)
H0.5/14 0.5 (#20)
H0.75/14 0.75 (#18)
H1.0/14 1.0 (#18)
H1.5/14 1.5 (#16)

Using Twisted or Solid Wires

Wire type Conductor cross-sectional area Conductor length
(stripping length)
Solid wire 0.2 to 4 mm2 8 mm
Twisted wire 0.2 to 2.5 mm2 8 mm

Required Tools

Use a flat-blade screwdriver to remove wires.
The recommended screwdriver is as follows.

Model Manufacturer
SZF 0-0,4X2,5 Phoenix Contact