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J7KCA Series

Auxiliary Relay (Contactor Relay)

J7KCA Series

Same shape as J7KC magnetic contactors Ideal for standardizing panel design

Model Number Structure

Model Number Legend

Order according to the format described in Ordering Information.

J7KCA Series Lineup 2

Ordering Information

Main unit

Contactor relay

Coil rating Contact configuration Model
24 VAC 4PST-4NO J7KCA-40 AC24
4PST-3NO 1NC J7KCA-31 AC24
4PST-2NO 2NC J7KCA-22 AC24
48 VAC 4PST-4NO J7KCA-40 AC48
4PST-3NO 1NC J7KCA-31 AC48
4PST-2NO 2NC J7KCA-22 AC48
100 VAC 4PST-4NO J7KCA-40 AC100
4PST-3NO 1NC J7KCA-31 AC100
4PST-2NO 2NC J7KCA-22 AC100
110 VAC 4PST-4NO J7KCA-40 AC110
4PST-3NO 1NC J7KCA-31 AC110
4PST-2NO 2NC J7KCA-22 AC110
120 VAC 4PST-4NO J7KCA-40 AC120
4PST-3NO 1NC J7KCA-31 AC120
4PST-2NO 2NC J7KCA-22 AC120
200 VAC 4PST-4NO J7KCA-40 AC200
4PST-3NO 1NC J7KCA-31 AC200
4PST-2NO 2NC J7KCA-22 AC200
220 VAC 4PST-4NO J7KCA-40 AC220
4PST-3NO 1NC J7KCA-31 AC220
4PST-2NO 2NC J7KCA-22 AC220
230 VAC 4PST-4NO J7KCA-40 AC230
4PST-3NO 1NC J7KCA-31 AC230
4PST-2NO 2NC J7KCA-22 AC230
240 VAC 4PST-4NO J7KCA-40 AC240
4PST-3NO 1NC J7KCA-31 AC240
4PST-2NO 2NC J7KCA-22 AC240
380 VAC 4PST-4NO J7KCA-40 AC380
4PST-3NO 1NC J7KCA-31 AC380
4PST-2NO 2NC J7KCA-22 AC380
400 VAC 4PST-4NO J7KCA-40 AC400
4PST-3NO 1NC J7KCA-31 AC400
4PST-2NO 2NC J7KCA-22 AC400
440 VAC 4PST-4NO J7KCA-40 AC440
4PST-3NO 1NC J7KCA-31 AC440
4PST-2NO 2NC J7KCA-22 AC440
500 VAC 4PST-4NO J7KCA-40 AC500
4PST-3NO 1NC J7KCA-31 AC500
4PST-2NO 2NC J7KCA-22 AC500
12 VDC 4PST-4NO J7KCA-40 DC12
4PST-3NO 1NC J7KCA-31 DC12
4PST-2NO 2NC J7KCA-22 DC12
24 VDC 4PST-4NO J7KCA-40 DC24
4PST-3NO 1NC J7KCA-31 DC24
4PST-2NO 2NC J7KCA-22 DC24
48 VDC 4PST-4NO J7KCA-40 DC48
4PST-3NO 1NC J7KCA-31 DC48
4PST-2NO 2NC J7KCA-22 DC48
60 VDC 4PST-4NO J7KCA-40 DC60
4PST-3NO 1NC J7KCA-31 DC60
4PST-2NO 2NC J7KCA-22 DC60
100 VDC 4PST-4NO J7KCA-40 DC100
4PST-3NO 1NC J7KCA-31 DC100
4PST-2NO 2NC J7KCA-22 DC100
110 VDC 4PST-4NO J7KCA-40 DC110
4PST-3NO 1NC J7KCA-31 DC110
4PST-2NO 2NC J7KCA-22 DC110
120 VDC 4PST-4NO J7KCA-40 DC120
4PST-3NO 1NC J7KCA-31 DC120
4PST-2NO 2NC J7KCA-22 DC120
200 VDC 4PST-4NO J7KCA-40 DC200
4PST-3NO 1NC J7KCA-31 DC200
4PST-2NO 2NC J7KCA-22 DC200
210 VDC 4PST-4NO J7KCA-40 DC210
4PST-3NO 1NC J7KCA-31 DC210
4PST-2NO 2NC J7KCA-22 DC210
220 VDC 4PST-4NO J7KCA-40 DC220
4PST-3NO 1NC J7KCA-31 DC220
4PST-2NO 2NC J7KCA-22 DC220

Optional Unit (Order Separately)

Auxiliary contact unit

Number of poles Contact configuration Model
2 2PST-2NO J73KC-AM-20
2PST-1NO 1NC J73KC-AM-11
2PST-2NC J73KC-AM-02
4 4PST-4NO J73KC-AM-40
4PST-3NO 1NC J73KC-AM-31
4PST-2NO 2NC J73KC-AM-22
4PST-1NO 3NC J73KC-AM-13
4PST-4NC J73KC-AM-04

Coil surge absorption unit

Adopted Coil voltage type LED indicator Model
24-48 VAC No J76KC-RC-1
48-125 VAC J76KC-RC-2
100-125 VAC J76KC-RC-3
24-48 VAC Yes J76KC-RC-N-1
48-125 VAC J76KC-RC-N-2

Insulation stop

Model Minimum order (bag)
J77KC-K 1
(30 pcs./bag)

DIN Rails (Order Separately)

Mounting Rail


Mounting Rail


End Plate




Note: 1. Order the DIN Rails (Order Separately) in units of ten.
   2. Rails conform to DIN standards.