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Slim Safety Door Switch


Slim Safety Door Switches with IP67 Rating

Switches (Operation Keys are sold separately.)

Consult with your OMRON representative when ordering any models that are not listed in this table.

Appearance Direction of Operation
Key insertion
Cable length 1NC/1NO
379_lu_1_1 Horizontal 1 m D4GS-N1R D4GS-N2R D4GS-N3R D4GS-N4R
3 m D4GS-N1R-3 D4GS-N2R-3 D4GS-N3R-3 D4GS-N4R-3
5 m D4GS-N1R-5 D4GS-N2R-5 D4GS-N3R-5 D4GS-N4R-5
379_lu_1_2 Vertical 1 m D4GS-N1T D4GS-N2T D4GS-N3T D4GS-N4T
3 m D4GS-N1T-3 D4GS-N2T-3 D4GS-N3T-3 D4GS-N4T-3
5 m D4GS-N1T-5 D4GS-N2T-5 D4GS-N3T-5 D4GS-N4T-5

Operation Keys

Type Model
Horizontal mounting 379_lu_2_1 D4GS-NK1
Vertical mounting 379_lu_2_2 D4GS-NK2
Adjustable mounting (Vertical upward) 379_lu_2_3 D4GS-NK4
Adjustable mounting (Vertical downward) 379_lu_2_4 D4GS-NK4-2