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Floatless Level Switch (Compact, Plug-in Type)


Consolidates the Specifications through Free Power Supply, thus Allowing Use in High Temperature Environments with Temperatures of Up to 70°C* * Excluding the DC power supply type.

Model Number Legend (Not all models in this model number structure can be created.)

61F-LS Lineup 1

Ordering Information

Type Pin type Output Supply Voltage Model
Normal 11-pin Relay 100 to 240 VAC 61F-LS-CP11-NRA
8-pin 61F-LS-CP08-NRA
High functionality
(sequential operation)
11-pin 61F-LS-CP11-SRA
8-pin 61F-LS-CP08-SRA
8-pin 24 VAC 61F-LS-CP08-SRB
High functionality
(advanced operation)
11-pin 100 to 240 VAC 61F-LS-CP11-ARA
8-pin 61F-LS-CP08-ARA
8-pin 24 VAC 61F-LS-CP08-ARB
DC power supply 11-pin Transistor 24 VDC 61F-LS-CP11-BTC
11-pin Relay 61F-LS-CP11-BRC

Accessories (Order Separately)

Connectable Level Switch Type Model
61F-LS-CP11-[] Front Connecting Socket PF113A
61F-LS-CP08-[] PF083A