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Industrial Handheld DPM Reader


Industrial Handheld DPM Reader with Ethernet Connectivity

A barcode reader that automatically adjusts for variations in size, type, and distance

In industry, having a mixture of both low-contrast Direct Part Marks and high-contrast printed barcodes is common. With the V460, there’s no need to purchase multiple units for different size barcodes, surfaces or types, as the reader automatically adjusts to decode the direct part mark or label presented. It’s never been easier to improve your traceability solution.

V460-H Features 1

Predictive Autofocus & Intelligent Lighting for Labels

V460-H Features 2

Automatically adjusts focus for labels at different distances.

V460-H Features 3

Automatic lighting adjustment to properly capture barcode Labels.

Intelligent Lighting for Difficult Direct Part Marks

V460-H Features 4

Intelligent Lighting adjusts automatically for direct part marks on cylindrical or curved surfaces.

V460-H Features 5

Intelligent lighting corrects for Low contrast direct part marks on metallic surfaces.

“Auto-Everything”: Just click and read

This intelligent handheld allows reading of a very broad range of challenging DPM codes and labels with variable code densities, sizes, part geometries, surface conditions and working distances without any user intervention or adjustment. A superior out-of-box reading experience in a wide variety of traceability applications.

V460-H Features 6

Intelligent Presentation Mode - Hands Free Operation

Intelligent Presentation Mode allows direct part marks and barcodes to be presented to the reader and it will automatically begin reading while adjusting for optimal settings without any user intervention.

V460-H Features 7

Reliable reading of direct part marks — every time

While Traceability requires 100% reading of every part marked, variations in barcode size, surface texture, and reflectivity can make reading direct part marks a significant challenge. The V460’s game-changing technology, allows the handheld to tackle even the most difficult-to-read Direct Part Marks with ease!

V460-H Features 8

V460H Can read even the most challenging part marks

V460-H Features 9

Experience the advanced rugged design for uninterrupted performance

The V460 is a ruggedized handheld designed for long life in industrial situations.
The barcode reader is built to withstand the harsh treatment of the manufacturing environment. Thanks to the V460’s longevity, you can dramatically reduce the cost of repairing or replacing your barcode readers.

Rugged design at a glance

V460-H Features 11
V460-H Features 12
V460-H Features 13