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K7L-AT50[] / AT50D[][]

Liquid Leakage Sensor Amplifier/Liquid Leakage Sensor Amplifier with Disconnection Detection Function

K7L-AT50[] / AT50D[][]

Reliable Detection of a Wide Variety of Liquids Ranging from Water to Liquid Chemicals with Low Conductivity. Four Sensing Ranges Available. K7L-AT50B and K7L-AT50DB are our Value Design products which increase the value of your control panels.

Sensing Bands boast high degree of chemical resistance. The K7L can be used in a wide range of applications, from semiconductor production installations to food-processing equipment.

Inter-electrode Resistance Detection

Stable detection of liquids with impedances of up to 50 MΩ and common water. Four sensing ranges are available, ensuring detection suited to the application.

K7L-AT50[] / AT50D[][] Features 2

AC Detection Method

The K7L internally oscillates AC signals provided to the Sensing Band, protecting the Sensing Band from electric corrosion and ensuring safe operation.

K7L-AT50[] / AT50D[][] Features 3

Noise Canceller Function

The K7L incorporates a noise canceller circuit that uses a 3-conductor cable, ensuring a high level of noise immunity.

K7L-AT50[] / AT50D[][] Features 4

Multi-channel Applications

Isolation between the power supply circuits and sensing circuits allows multiple channels to be installed in the same location.

K7L-AT50[] / AT50D[][] Features 5

Detection of Condensation and Liquid Leakage at Semiconductor Production Installations

Detection is also possible for condensation inside cleaning devices and liquid leaked to the surroundings.

K7L-AT50[] / AT50D[][] Features 6

Sensing Band with Excellent Chemical Resistance

SUS316 and polyethylene are used for the Sensing Band's core and sheath to ensure high resistance to both acidic and alkaline liquids.

K7L-AT50[] / AT50D[][] Features 7

Detection of Liquid Leakage at Pipe Joints for Liquid Chemical Tanks

Liquid leakage at a pipe joint can be detected by wrapping the Sensing Band around the joint.

K7L-AT50[] / AT50D[][] Features 8

Liquid Leakage Detection for Measuring Baths in CMP Devices

Liquid leaked to drain pans can be detected to prevent damage to devices and cleaning irregularities for wafers.

K7L-AT50[] / AT50D[][] Features 9

Detection of Cleaning Fluid Level for Plating Devices

The level of pure water is detected inside plating baths. High sensitivity allows high-accuracy control to prevent cleaning irregularities.

K7L-AT50[] / AT50D[][] Features 10

Note: Be sure to ground the baths if two or more K7L Sensors are used in the same tank in an explosion-prevention area.