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Hybrid Power Relay


Hybridization of a Magnetic Relay and an SSR Achieves 10-A Switching for 10 Million Operations.

List of Model

Zero cross
Applicable output load
(See note.)
Rated input
Relay No Yes 5 A
100 to 240 VAC
5 VDC G9H-205S-US DC5
12 VDC G9H-205S-US DC12
24 VDC G9H-205S-US DC24
10 A
100 to 240 VAC
5 VDC G9H-210S-US DC5
12 VDC G9H-210S-US DC12
24 VDC G9H-210S-US DC24

Note: 1. The actual product is labeled "250 VAC."
         2. For information on products that are certified for safety standards, consult your OMRON sales representatives

Accessories (Order Separately)

Connection Sockets

Classification Terminal Type Appearance Model
Front-mounting Push-In Plus
Terminal blocks
998_lu_2_1 PTF-08-PU
Screw terminals 998_lu_2_2 PTF08A
Screw terminals
(finger protection structure)
998_lu_2_3 PTFZ-08-E
Back-mounting Solder terminals 998_lu_2_5 PT-08
Relays with PCB Terminals 998_lu_2_6 PT08-0
Wrapping terminals 998_lu_2_7 PT08QN

Hold-down Clip

Applicable Socket Hold-down Clip
Classification Terminal Type Model Model
Front-mounting Screw terminals (finger protection structure) PTFZ-08-E PYC-A1 *
Screw terminals PTF08A
Back-mounting Solder terminals PT-08 PYC-P
Relays with PCB Terminals PT08-0 PYC-P
Wrapping terminals PT08QN PYC-P

* One Set (2 Clips)

Connecting Socket Mounting Plate

Model Minimum quantity packaged (units)
PYP-1 10
PYP-18 1

Note: Order the models above in increments of the minimum quantity packaged.

DIN Track Mounting Parts

Type Appearance Model
DIN Tracks Shallow type, total length: 1 m 998_lu_5_1 PFP-100N
Shallow type, total length: 0.5 m PFP-50N
Deep type, total length: 1 m 998_lu_5_2 PFP-100N2
End Plate 998_lu_5_3 PFP-M
Spacer 998_lu_5_4 PFP-S