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FAQ02064 of Solid-state Relays FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ02064

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What kind of applications can Power MOS FET Relays be used for?


1.Applications where it is not known whether the load connected to the relay is DC or AC.

Example: Warning output for a robot controller

2.Applications with high-frequency switching of loads, such as for solenoid valves with internally, fully rectified waves, where another type of relay (e.g., G2R General-purpose Relays) would need to be replaced frequently.

Power MOS FET Relays have a longer lifetime than other Relays and so the replacement frequency is lower. The terminals of G3RZ Power MOS FET Relays are compatible with those of the G2R-1A-S and so these models can be easily exchanged.

Note:Be sure to confirm the input voltage, polarity, and output capacity.

3.Applications with high-voltage DC loads.

To switch a 100-VDC, 1-A load with M2XP General-purpose Relays or equivalent is required. With G3RZ Power MOS FET Relays, however, switching is possible with this size of relay.

4.Applications where otherwise a Solid-state Relays would be used with a bleeder resistance.

The leakage current for Power MOS FET Relays is very small (10 μA max.) and so a bleeder resistance is not required.

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