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FAQ03202 of Solid-state Relays FAQ

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What is the recommended replacement product for G3N Solid-state Relays?


1.The recommended replacement product depends on the model of G3N. Check with the following table.

Output load currentDiscontinued modelRecommended replacement
product (See note 1.)
Model number
5 AG3N-205BM DC3-30NoneSee note 2.
G3N-205B DC4-30G3NA-205B DC5-24See note 3.
G3N-205B AC75-125G3NA-205B AC100-120
G3N-205B AC150-250G3NA-205B AC200-240
10 AG3N-210BM DC3-30NoneSee note 2.
G3N-210B DC4-30G3NA-210B DC5-24See note 3.
G3N-210B AC75-125G3NA-210B AC100-120
G3N-210B AC150-250G3NA-210B AC200-240
20 AG3N-220BM DC3-30NoneSee note 2.
G3N-220B DC4-30G3NA-220B DC5-24See note 3.
G3N-220B AC75-125G3NA-220B AC100-120
G3N-220B AC150-250G3NA-220B AC200-240
40 AG3N-240BM DC3-30NoneSee note 2.
G3N-240B DC4-30G3NA-240B DC5-24See note 3.
G3N-240B AC75-125G3NA-240B AC100-120
G3N-240B AC150-250G3NA-240B AC200-240


1.If a heat sink was used, select a replacement product that uses the same heat sink.

2.There is no replacement product because the discontinued models were designed for a 3-VDC input voltage, but the replacement models are designed for 4 VDC. Replacement from 3 VDC to 4 VDC is not possible.

3."DC4-30" in the discontinued model number indicates the input operating voltage (4 to 30 VDC), while "DC5-24" in the recommended replacement model number indicates the input rated voltage. The input operating voltage is 4 to 32 VDC. Therefore the recommended replacement model covers the specifications of the discontinued model. Similarly, for models with a rated input voltage of 100 to 120 VAC, the input operating voltage is 75 to 132 VAC, and for models with a rated input voltage of 200 to 240 VAC, it is 150 to 264 VAC.

2.Comparing G3N and G3NA Solid-state Relays

Mounting holesG3N-205B, -210B, -220B
47.6 to 50 pitch, two, 4.3-dia. or M4 holes
55 to 58 pitch, two, 4.3-dia. or M4 holes
47.6 pitch, two 4.3 dia. or M4 holesSee note.
DimensionsW43 x D68 x H26: G3N-205B, -210B
W46 x D71 x H31: G3N-220B
W51 x D71 x H28: G3N-240B
W43 x D58 x H27
Output voltageRated voltage: ---
Operating voltage: 75 to 264 VAC
Rated voltage: 24 to 240 VAC
Operating voltage: 19 to 264 VAC

Note:If G3N-240B has been used, it is necessary to create mounting holes for the panel or heat sink. However, by using R99-11 Mounting Brackets, the same pitch can be used.

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