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What will happen to the H5S, H5F, or H5L Time Switches if power is interrupted?


If power is interrupted to the H5S, H5F, or H5L Time Switch, the output will turn OFF and the display will go black.

The present clock time and program contents, however, will be saved.

Example: Power interruption compensation for the H5S Electrical Time Switch.

Lithium battery:

Continuous operation: 5 years min. (at 25°C)

10 years min. (at 25°C, power interruption ratio of 50% max.: Total time that power is stopped.)


The H5S uses a lithium battery for memory backup for power interruptions.

At an ambient temperature of 25°C, the present clock data and setting contents will be saved for a total power interruption time of 5 years max.

"10 years min. (power interruption ratio of 50%)" means a total of 10 years comprised of 5 years total power ON time and 5 years total power interruption time. (Battery power is not consumed while power is being applied.)

Note: When the H5S is used, the output will not operate and the display will not be shown during power interruptions.

The power interruption compensation function saves the internal clock data and settings only, so the output circuit remains OFF.

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