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Cable Specifications

Industrial Ethernet Connectors

See Product Lineup and Features on Introduction.
For the detailed information including standards, see Industrial Ethernet Cables Catalog (Cat. NO. G019-E1).

Sensor I/O Connectors

Cables with oil-resistance are used as standard (F-cable) for the XS5/2 Series cables.

Cable specifications generally specify the following.

Example: Interpreting “UL AWM2464, 6-mm dia., 4 cores × AWG20 (0.08/110)” Standard Cable

UL ...................Indicates a UL-certified part.

AWM2464 .......Specifies the rating, wire part name, and application.

6-mm dia.........Specifies the cable outer diameter.

4×AWG20 .......Specifies that there are four core wires with a gauge of AWG 20.
(0.08/110) ........Specifies that there are 110 wires with a diameter of 0.08 mm in the conductor section.
(The smaller the wire diameter and the more wires there are, the higher the bending resistance.)