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CJ-series Process Analog I/O Unit


A Single Unit Handling All Types of Inputs such as Temperature Sensor Inputs and Analog Signal Inputs (e.g., 4 to 20 mA or 1 to 5 V)

Supports a maximum of four inputs in one Unit: resistance thermometer, thermocouple, and DC current/voltage. (The input type is set separately for each input.)

Isolation between input channels prevents unwanted current paths between input channels.

Scaled values are transferred to the CPU Unit in four digits hexadecimal with voltage/current inputs.

Process value alarm with two alarms for each input

Alarm ON-delay timer and hysteresis for process value

Zero/Span adjustment capability during operation

Input error detection

Maximum or minimum process value can be specified for when an input error is detected.

A Unit with fully universal inputs, high-speed and high-resolution (256,000 resolution, 60 ms/ch is available.)