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P7TF-IS16 / OS16 / OS08

I/O Terminal Socket

P7TF-IS16 / OS16 / OS08

I/O Terminal Sockets to Flexibly Build Systems

(Unit: mm)

I/O Terminal Sockets


P7TF-IS16 / OS16 / OS08 Dimensions 2


P7TF-IS16 / OS16 / OS08 Dimensions 3


P7TF-IS16 / OS16 / OS08 Dimensions 4

Accessories (Order Separately)

Shorting Bar

Use this piece for short-circuiting across terminals.
Max. current flow: 20 A

P7TF-IS16 / OS16 / OS08 Dimensions 6

Output Short-Circuit Module

The output of the I/O Relay Terminal can be obtained without relays through the G77-S Output Short-Circuit Module.
Refer to Connection Example for SPDT Relays on Data Sheet for details.
Note that the G77-S Output Short-Circuit Module is not available for inputs.

P7TF-IS16 / OS16 / OS08 Dimensions 7

Sockets (Can be used for G7T models with SPST-NO, SPST-NC, or SPDT specifications or G3TA models.)

Can be used for sequences that use Slim Relays and for applications that develop to SPDT contacts on I/O Relay Terminals.
To use SPDT on the P7TF I/O Terminal Socket, insert an Output Short-Circuit Module on the I/O Terminal, and combine the Block Base with an SPDT Relay on the output from the Output Short-Circuit Module.

P7TF-IS16 / OS16 / OS08 Dimensions 8

Indicator Module (with Surge Suppressing Function)

Remove the transparent style strip of the P7TF-05 socket and mount this module and it will function as an operation indicator with the surge suppression.

P7TF-IS16 / OS16 / OS08 Dimensions 9