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Connector Terminal Boxes


Simple Wiring of Sensor Actuators

about this Product Family

Sensor type and wiring 3-wire DC NPN/
2-wire DC 3-4
2-wire DC 1-4/
without polarity 3-4
3-wire DC PNP/
2-wire DC 1-4
Actuator wiring Actuator wiring 1-4 Actuator wiring 3-4
No. of ports No. of I/O Model
4 4 XW3D-P455-G11 XW3D-P452-G11 XW3D-P453-G11
8 8 XW3D-P855-G11 XW3D-P852-G11 XW3D-P853-G11
4 8 XW3D-P458-G11 XW3D-P457-G11

Note 1. "1-4" and "3-4" are the connector pin numbers that are wired.
           2. All cables are 5 m long.

Waterproof Cover (Sold Separately)

Appearance Model No. per box Material
1913_lu_2_1 XS5Z-11 50 PBT
XS2Z-22 50 Brass with Ni plating

Note 1. The XW3D/XW3B/XW3A comes with a dust cover. If IP67 degree of protection is required,
              use the XS5Z-11 or XS2Z-22 (sold separately).
           2. The XS2Z-22 connection is threaded.