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BF-[](R) / BS-1(T)

Electrode Holder

BF-[](R) / BS-1(T)

Complete Lineup for Use in High-temperature, High-pressure Environments or Where Exposed to Chemicals

Model BF-1 BF-3(R) *1 BF-5(R) *1 BS-1 BS-1T
No. of Electrodes 1 3 5 --- ---
Insulator material PPS resin (Metallic section is SUS.) Fluorocarbon polymer (PFA)
Insulation resistance 100 MΩ
Operating temperature Electrode section: -10 to 150°C (with no icing)
Terminal section: -10 to 70°C (with no icing or condensation)
250°C max. 180°C max.
Operating pressure Atmospheric pressure 1.96 MPa *2 981 kPa *2
Applications Liquids with low specific
resistance, such as
wastewater and cloudy water
General applications for purified water
and wastewater
Boiler water level
detection or high-
temperature tanks
Acid or alkaline
solution level

*1. Two-wire Electrode Holders (R models) have a built-in resistance of 6.8 kΩ. They should be used with the Two-wire
       61F Controllers.
*2. There must be a sufficient ambient temperature in a high-pressure environment to prevent vapor leakage. Use the
       Electrode Holder according to the following pressure-temperature curve.