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XS5, XS6

Industrial Ethernet Cables

XS5, XS6

Cables and Connectors for EtherCAT® and Other Industrial Ethernet Networks

Cables with Standard RJ45 Connectors

• The Standard RJ45 Connectors reduce cable routing space. LSZH* cables are AWG26 with an outer diameter of 6.3 mm.
  PUR Cables are AWG26 with an outer diameter of 6.0 mm.
• Cable colors include blue, yellow, or green.
• LSZH cables are available in 12 lengths from 0.2 to 20 m and PUR cables are available in 10 lengths from 0.5 to 20 m.
Note. PUR cables are double-shielded cables with overall braiding and individual aluminum tape on each wire pair.
         LSZH cable is a single shielded aluminum tape which satisfies the standard values of the communication and noise
* Low-smoke zero-halogen cables.

Shape of RJ45 Connector

XS5, XS6 Features 2

Cables with Rugged RJ45 Connectors

• RJ45 connectors with robust latches and cable holding strength.
• Quad AWG22 cable with PVC cover of 6.5 mm outer diameter.
• Double-shielded cables with overall braiding and individual foil shield to reduce EMC interference in industrial environments.

Shape of RJ45 Connector

XS5, XS6 Features 4

PVC Cable with Double Shield

XS5, XS6 Features 5

Assembly Connectors

You can easily assemble Ethernet cables onsite without crimping tools or other special tools.
Refer to Catalog for the assembly procedure.

XS5, XS6 Features 6

Cable Extension Length

Standard Connectors (RJ45 Connectors)

XS5, XS6 Features 8

Rugged Connectors (RJ45 Connectors)

XS5, XS6 Features 9

Cables with M12 Connectors (Waterproof)

  • Resistance to harsh environments with IP67 protection.
  • SmartClick Connectors that provide one-step (1/8th turn) connection are used (compatible with standard M12 screw connectors).
  • A wide range of variations, such as cables with right-angle connectors and PCB connectors.
  • Cables with sockets and robot cables were added to the series.

Shape of M12 Connector

XS5, XS6 Features 11

PVC Cable with Double Shield

XS5, XS6 Features 12

Cables with M12 Connectors Shield Strengthening Cables specification

• Cable specification with strengthened shield for higher noise resistance. Recommended for EtherCAT communications.
• In addition to a double shield structure, copper foil tape is added to the M12 connector to improve communication characteristics (see below).

Shield Strengthening Cable (Double shield structure + copper foil tape wrapping)

XS5, XS6 Features 14

Shield Effectiveness Data for Rugged RJ45 Connectors and M12 Connectors (Waterproof)

The following data is the results of OMRON testing. Shield effectiveness may vary for your environment and application conditions.

Comparison of Shield Effectiveness with Product without a Double Shield

The following table shows the differences with a structure without a double shield. Higher numeric values show greater shield effectiveness.

XS5, XS6 Features 16

• SmartClick is a registered trademark of OMRON Corporation.
• EtherCAT® is a registered trademark and patented technology, licensed by Beckhoff Automation GmbH, Germany.
• Other company names and product names in this document are the trademarks or registered rademarks of their respective companies.