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Temperature Controller (48 x 48 mm)


Ideal for heater control, these Temperature Controllers offer the highest control performance at surprisingly low cost! Easy to Read with One of the Largest Character Displays Anywhere.

Control Performance Plus a Low Cost!
Simple Model Selection and Setup!

E5CB Features 1


You get the same control performance as with the E5[]N Temperature Controllers.

E5CB Features 3

Stable temperature control is achieved through the same control performance as the E5[]N Temperature Controllers, the best-selling general-purpose temperature controllers in the world.* Side-by-side installation improves flexibility in panel design.
* According to OMRON investigation, November 2010.

(Global Quality)
A long-term warranty and compliance with global standards ensure reliable export of equipment.

E5CB Features 4

A 3-year warranty has been achieved for 48 x 48-mm Temperature Controllers. Increase the added value of your machines through the global quality achieved with the stable control performance of the E5[]N Temperature Controllers combined with highly demanded IP66 protection.


(Simple Setup)
Optimum Heater Control and Fewer Parameters for Simple Setup.

E5CB Features 6

Only the minimum settings required for temperature control need to be made. Setup work is reduced remarkably.

(Simple Selection)
Eight Different Models Available.
Selection Time Is Reduced.

E5CB Features 7

Eight different basic models with temperature control and one alarm output enable model selection in less time.
For details, see the back cover.


(Temperature Display)
One of the world's largest display character sizes enhances visibility at work site.

E5CB Features 9

Panel display is enhanced as a result of specialized heater control, and one of the world's largest PV display character sizes for 48 × 48-mm temperature controllers is provided: 16.2 mm × 4 digits. Easy status confirmation from a distance improves workability.

Short Body

(Spacesaving Design)
Reduces Control Panel Depth

E5CB Features 11

A depth of 60 mm beyond the mounting surface is achieved by an approximate 23% reduction in comparison to our previous models. Space-saving design for depth beyond the front surface.

Many Other Useful Features

Settings can be made in your office prior to assembly and wiring in the control panel, and setting can be reset in your office during startup adjustments and maintenance. This is ideal for customers using many Temperature Controllers in mass-produced machines.

(Feature 1)
Settings can be copied Temperature from the ThermoMini.

A communications conversion cable (option, sold separately: E58-CIFQ2) can be connected to the tool port on the top of the E5CB, and settings can be copied by downloading the Thermo-Mini free software.

(Feature 2)
You do not need to connect a power supply to the E5CB to set it up from a personal computer.

E5CB Features 14

The E5CB receives the power supply required for setup from the computer through the USB bus power source. Settings can be made from ThermoMini or the front panel of the Temperature Controller without connecting the power supply to the E5CB.
* For display and setup. Control output does not operate.

Data can be downloaded from Web.