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NX-series Digital Input Unit


A Wide Range of Digital Input Units from General Purpose use to High- Speed Synchronous Control

High-speed I/O refreshing is possible by connecting with the EtherCAT Coupler.

I/O refreshing can be synchronized with the control cycle of the Controller. (Synchronous refreshing)

ON/OFF response time of the high-speed model is 100 ns max, which enables high-speed, high-precision control.

The screwless terminal block is detachable for easy commissioning and maintenance.

Screwless clamp terminal block and Connector types (Units with MIL/Fujitsu Connectors) are significantly reduces wiring work.

Up to 16 digital inputs in a space-saving 12 mm width. (Connector Types 30 mm width)

The lineup includes 4-point, 8-point, 16-point, and 32-point types with 3-wire, 2-wire and 1-wire connection methods.

With input refreshing with input changed time, the Input Unit records the time when the input is changed and the changed time with the input value is read into the Controller.

Using with the Unit that supports output refreshing with specified time stamp enables high-precision I/O control independent of the control cycle of the Controller.

Connection to the CJ-series is possible by connecting with the EtherNet/IPTM Coupler.

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