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Miniature Limit Switch


Many Models Including Roller Lever Switches are Only 16-mm Thick with Connector


Limit Switches

Ratings 1 A at 125 VAC 1 A at 30 VDC
LED indicator Without indicator With indicator Without indicator With indicator
Actuator Model Model Model Model
Pin plunger
D4CC-1001 D4CC-2001 D4CC-3001 D4CC-4001
Roller plunger
D4CC-1002 D4CC-2002 D4CC-3002 D4CC-4002
Crossroller plunger
D4CC-1003 D4CC-2003 D4CC-3003 D4CC-4003
High-sensitivity roller lever
D4CC-1024 D4CC-2024 D4CC-3024 D4CC-4024
Sealed pin plunger
D4CC-1031 D4CC-2031 D4CC-3031 D4CC-4031
Sealed roller plunger
D4CC-1032 D4CC-2032 D4CC-3032 D4CC-4032
Sealed crossroller plunger
D4CC-1033 --- D4CC-3033 D4CC-4033
Plastic rod
D4CC-1050 D4CC-2050 D4CC-3050 D4CC-4050
Center roller lever
D4CC-1060 D4CC-2060 D4CC-3060 D4CC-4060

Note: 1. Ask your OMRON representative for Information on approved models.
           2. The meaning of suffix codes in the D4CC model numbers is different from that in the D4C model numbers.
           3. Refer to the following table for cable plugs.

Applicable Cables

Type For AC For DC
Appearance No. of conductors Cable length Model Model
4 1 m XS2F-A421-C90-F XS2F-D421-C80-F
2 m XS2F-A421-D90-F XS2F-D421-D80-F
5 m XS2F-A421-G90-F XS2F-D421-G80-F
10 m XS2F-A421-J90-F XS2F-D421-J80-F

Special Mounting Plate (Order Separately)

It is possible to replace an WL Limit Switch with a D4CC Limit Switch mounted on this plate without changing the position of the dog or cam.

List of Replaceable Models

WL model (Actuator) D4CC model (Actuator) Plate
WLD (Top plunger)
D4CC-[]001 (Plunger) D4C-P001
WLD2 (Top roller plunger)
D4CC-[]002 (Roller plunger) D4C-P002
WLG2 (Roller lever)
D4CC-[]024 (Roller lever) D4C-P020

Example of Replacement

Note: The position of the dog remains unchanged.

D4CC Lineup 7