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F03-16PE / 16PT / 15 / 16PS

Sensing Band/Liquid Leakage Point Sensor

F03-16PE / 16PT / 15 / 16PS

A New Liquid Leakage Point Sensor Has Been Added to the K7L Series. Fluoroplastic Coating on the Bottom Electrode Ensures Chemical Resistance.

Sensing Band

SUS316 used for core and polyethylene used for sheath to ensure high resistance to both acidic and alkaline liquids.

Sensing Band Stickers that use the same material as the Sensing Band's insulating resin are available in 2 types: adhesivetape type and screw type.

Sensing Band

Compared to the F03-16PE (polyethylene), the F03-16PT has higher resistance to both high temperatures and chemicals.

Small holes enable the detection of leakage even when installed upside down.

Sensing Band

Ideal for harsh electrical room environments that are dusty and humid.

For installation in locations requiring insulated materials.

Liquid Leakage Point Sensor

Can be used in conjunction with Sensing Bands.

Stud screw mounting requires no tools for installation.

No tools means the Sensor can be wiped clean quickly and easily.

The optional Mounting Bracket enables faster installation than three-screw mounting.

Connect multiple Sensors to one K7L Amplifier for significant cost savings.