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R87F / R87T

AC Axial Fans

R87F / R87T

Optimum Cooling with a Comprehensive Lineup of Axial Fans

For economy type

AC Axial Fans R87F/R87T R87F Plastic blade type

R87F / R87T Features 2

For environmental resistance

AC Axial Fans R87T Metal blade type

R87F / R87T Features 4

Metal blade models deliver high environmental resistance

R87F / R87T Features 5

For less mounting effort

Box Fan R87B

R87F / R87T Features 7

Just open the cover to replace the filter

R87F / R87T Features 8

All-in-one structure makes it easier to install accessories

R87F / R87T Features 9

Conserves energy by responding to temperatures inside the panel

Electronic Thermostat E5L Series

Fan can be turned on when temperatures inside the panel go up and turned off when they go down

R87F / R87T Features 11