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Our Strengths

[Quality. Safety. The environment.] OMRON IA is a leader in production innovation thatresponds to the demands of both society and the market. We combine advanced technical capabilities with the practical application of imagination to realize solid value in support of our customers' efforts to make things - what we call monozukuri.

OMRON IA and The Art of Making Things

As a trusted supplier to manufacturers, our focus is on developing and making things and helping our customers do their work even better.


OMRON IA takes responsibility for the quality of its customers' products by seeking to realize improved quality at every step of the process of making things.


OMRON IA works to ensure safety as well as productivity and efficiency in helping our clients to make things right.


OMRON IA has always been an industry leader in implementing environmental preservation measures, and we are diligent in complying with our own high standards.