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Much more detailed pages of Solid-state Relays

February 15, 2008

OMRON IA now provides much more detailed 
pages of Solid-state Relays.

You can access much more detailed information about the main items in a category - Solid-state Relays. 
Look for other categories to be added soon, including Limit Switches, Timers,Counters, etc.

Solid-state Relays category with detailed information

OMRON Industrial Automation Website now provides detailed product pages in a following category.
With this new function, you can select from a general category, move to a specific product group, and quickly find the detail specifications for each Model Number you need.


How to access to the Model Number information

  1. For example, on the Solid-state Relays G3PB page, 
    you can go to the new “Item Index” tab, 
    and easily select the desired Model Number.
    20080215 pic_01
  2. Use our newly created tabs, including Ratings/Performance, 
    Dimensions, Mounting Dimensions and so on, to quickly access 
    the detailed information you need.
    20080215 pic_02
  3. If you know a full Model Number, please input it in the search window 
    on each page. 
    And you can find the items quickly you need on “Site Search” tab. 
    20080215 pic_03