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OMRON IA Japan has been ranked first among B2B websites in Japan for four consecutive years.

June 16, 2010

Japanese website OMRON IA Japan was ranked first among B2B websites in Japan for 2010 by Japan Brand Strategy, Inc., Tokyo, Japan. OMRON IA Japan has been ranked first in the general evaluation category for four consecutive years. "Degree of sufficiency for demand of site users" was an important evaluation point."My Customized Pages " and "Application Cases" were evaluated highly.
We are improving the quality of customer support through activities such as a yearly questionnaire for this site, and collecting information about customer needs from our Call Center.
We think this highest evaluation is the result of those improvements. With this honor as encouragement, all of us at OMRON will continue to do our best to improve this website. We thank you for visiting. 

Investigation summary
Object : 252 sites in Japanese that introduce
products / services for business between
companies (B2B.)
Method: Questionnaires from about 10,000 persons.

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