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We have introduced Vision System FH Series.

July 22, 2013

We have introduced Vision System FH Series.
Easier to Embed in Machine, Shorter Machine Cycle Times
It's time to move beyond simply increasing the speed of image processing and start seriously shortening Machine cycle time. This is the concept that gave birth to OMRON's FH-series Vision System and its best-in-the-industry speed.
Manufacturing Machines are operated through the interaction of sensors, PLCs, servomotors, and other devices. Vision Systems measure positions and perform inspections, and the results are used to control the operation of Machines. The demand for faster, more precise Vision System operation is the primary requirement. The FH-series Vision System provides higher speed and precision for Machine cycle time and is loaded with all of the performance required to move Machines quickly and at high precision into a compact Controller for embedding into Machine. And even though the Camera/communications interfaces, image processing algorithms, and other features of this complete image processing system are built into one housing, the flexibility of a PC-based image processing system is also provided to help increase efficiency in the frequent reuse of Machine designs and in design changes.