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EtherCAT Remote I/O Terminals

Realizes high-speed communication to match a variety of applications

EtherCAT Remote I/O Terminals List

There are 6 products of EtherCAT Remote I/O Terminals.

GX-ILM08C GX-series IO-Link Master Unit GX-ILM08C

IO-Link makes sensor level information visible and solves the three major issues at manufacturing sites! The unit for M12 Smartclick connector can be used in watery, and dusty environments.

GX-[]D16[]1 / OC1601 Digital I/O Terminal 2-tier Terminal Block Type GX-[]D16[]1 / OC1601

High-speed digital I/O terminal with the screw type terminal block for EtherCAT communications.

GX-ID16[]2 / OD16[]2 / MD16[]2 Digital I/O Terminal 3-tier Terminal Block Type GX-ID16[]2 / OD16[]2 / MD16[]2

A common terminal is provided for each contact. It eliminate the needs for relay terminal blocks.

GX-[]D16[]8 / []D32[]8 Digital I/O Terminal e-CON Connector Type GX-[]D16[]8 / []D32[]8

Easy wiring using industry standard e-CON connectors. Special wiring tool is not necessary.

GX-AD0471 / DA0271 Analog I/O Terminal 2-tier Terminal Block Type GX-AD0471 / DA0271

Analog I/O terminal with screw terminal block for EtherCAT communicaitons.

GX-EC0211 / EC0241 Encoder Input Terminal 3-tier Terminal Block Type GX-EC0211 / EC0241

EtherCAT-compatible encoder input terminal which enables high-speed and accurate control.