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EtherCAT Slave Terminals NX-Series

EtherCAT Coupler and Slice I/O Units which enable high-speed and high-precision control.

EtherCAT Slave Terminals NX-Series List

There are 15 products of EtherCAT Slave Terminals NX-Series.

NX-TC NX-series Temperature Control Unit NX-TC

Optimize Control by Detecting Status Changes Easily Satisfy Both Productivity and Quality

NX-ECC NX-series EtherCAT Coupler Unit NX-ECC

Flexible System Can Be Achieved with Highspeed, High-precision Remote I/O for EtherCAT

NX-ID / IA / OD / OC / MD NX-series Digital I/O Unit NX-ID / IA / OD / OC / MD

A wide range of digital I/O units from general purpose use to high-speed synchronous control

NX-HAD[][][] NX-series High-speed Analog Input Unit NX-HAD[][][]

Simultaneous sampling of 4 channels with sampling times down to 5 μs

NX-AD / DA NX-series Analog I/O Unit NX-AD / DA

Analog inputs and outputs to meet all machine control needs, from general purpose to high-speed synchronous control

NX-TS NX-series Temperature Input Unit NX-TS

Standard and high-speed, high-precision temperature measurement and control

NX-RS[][][][] NX-series Load Cell Input Unit NX-RS[][][][]

Build a cost saving weighing/ measurement system by using load cells

NX-HB NX-series Heater Burnout Detection Unit NX-HB

Temperature control with heater burnout detection in conjunction with a temperature input unit and PID instructions

NX-EC0[][][] NX-series Incremental Encoder Input Unit NX-EC0[][][]

More precise timing control by synchronizing the position data with the EtherCAT® Distributed Clock

NX-ECS[][][] NX-series SSI Input Unit NX-ECS[][][]

Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) to connect external axes to the Sysmac system

NX-PG0[][][] NX-series Pulse Output Unit NX-PG0[][][]

Positioning control with pulse outputs to command stepper motor drives and other pulse input motor drives

NX-ILM400 NX-series IO-Link Master Unit NX-ILM400

IO-Link makes sensor level information visible and solves the three major issues at manufacturing sites! The screwless clamping terminal block reduces wiring work.

NX-PD / PF / PC / TBX NX-series System Unit NX-PD / PF / PC / TBX

Power Supply Unit, Power Connection Unit, and FG Terminal Expansion Unit for NX-Series

NX-CIF NX-series Communications Interface Units NX-CIF

Provides simplicity and flexibility in connecting serial devices to EtherCAT

NX-V680C NX-series RFID Units NX-V680C

RFID V680 communications units create faster and more consistent field networks, supports controller distribution, and enables better traceability