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Analog I/O Slave Units

Analog I/O Slave Units for CompoNet include vertical units with the industry's thinnest class width to help save space and units with numerical indicator to facilitate system start-up.

Analog I/O Slave Units List

There are 3 products of Analog I/O Slave Units.

CRT1-VAD04[][] / VDA02[][] Analog I/O Slave Units with MIL Connectors/e-CON Connectors CRT1-VAD04[][] / VDA02[][]

Analog Slave Units with the Industry's Narrowest Width Help Save Space in Equipment and Panels

CRT1-AD04 / DA02 Analog I/O Slave Units CRT1-AD04 / DA02

Convert to Smart for Smarter Processing! Simple and Intelligent Analog I/O Slaves

CRT1-TS04T / TS04P Temperature Input Units CRT1-TS04T / TS04P

High-speed Transfer of Temperature Data with CompoNet. Enhanced Smart Functions.