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Digital I/O Slave Units

Digital I/O Slave Units for CompoNet provide a variety of blocks - including Screw Terminal Blocks, e-CON Connectors, Clamp Terminal Blocks, and blocks just 15 mm in width, the thinnest class in the industry.

Digital I/O Slave Units List

There are 7 products of Digital I/O Slave Units.

CRT1-[]D08TA(-1) / []D16TA(-1) / []D08TAH(-1) / []D16TAH(-1) Digital I/O Slave Units with Screw Terminal Blocks (3-tier Terminal Block) CRT1-[]D08TA(-1) / []D16TA(-1) / []D08TAH(-1) / []D16TAH(-1)

With the relay terminal blocks, doubling up wires on terminals is not necessary! Smart Slave Units with Easy-to-understand Wiring Locations with One Common for Every Point.

CRT1-[]D16S(-1) / []D32S(-1) / []D16SH(-1) / []D32SH(-1) Digital I/O Slave Units with e-CON Connectors CRT1-[]D16S(-1) / []D32S(-1) / []D16SH(-1) / []D32SH(-1)

Industry-standard Sensor Connectors for Easy Connection to Pre-wired Sensors without Special Tools.

CRT1-VID16ML(-1) / VOD16ML(-1) Digital I/O Slave Units with MIL Connector (Vertical type) CRT1-VID16ML(-1) / VOD16ML(-1)

Thinnest in the industry! Ultimately little space and wiring are required.

CRT1-VID32ML(-1) / VOD32ML(-1) / VMD32ML(-1) Digital I/O Slave Units with MIL Connector (Vertical type) CRT1-VID32ML(-1) / VOD32ML(-1) / VMD32ML(-1)

Aggregation of multi-I/O points! A compact and little wiring slave with 32 points and MIL connector

CRT1-[]D08SL(-1) / []D16SL(-1) Digital I/O Slaves Units with Clamp Terminals CRT1-[]D08SL(-1) / []D16SL(-1)

Screw-less Terminal Wiring Further Reduces Wiring Work and Saves Labor at the Production Site.