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USB-Serial Conversion Cable


The CS1W-CIF31 USB-Serial Conversion Cable connects CS/CJ/CP Series, C Series, CVM1/CV Series of OMRON PLC (Programmable Controller) or PT (Programmable Terminal) to a personal computer's USB port.

Compatible Operating Systems

Windows 98/Me/2000/XP(32bit)/Vista(32bit/64bit)/7(32bit/64bit)/8(32bit/64bit)/10(32bit/64bit)/11

Compatible Software Applications *1

Software applications in CX-One, PLC Reporter, DeviceNet Configurator, NT Support Tool for Windows, ZEN Support Software Ver.3.0 or later

Compatible PLCs, PTs and Programmable Relay

The following OMRON PLCs and PTs are supported by the compatible software applications.


CS/CJ/CP-series, C-series *2, and CVM1/CV-series


NS-series and NT-series

Programmable Relay

ZEN *3

Note: Including models whose production were discontinued.
*1. Compatible operating systems depend on the system requirements of the software.
*2. The following C-series PLCs are supported: C200HS, C200HX/HG/HE, C200H, C1000H, C2000H, CQM1, CPM1,
       CPM1A, CPM2A, SRM1, CQM1H and CPM2C.
*3. The ZEN Programmable Relay is supported only if ZEN Support Software Ver.3.0 or later is used.