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CJ-series Controller Link Units


New Controller Link Units, Now with 4,000 Send Words

• Large-capacity data links are easily achieved without programming simply by setting data link tables.

• Up to 20,000 *1 send/receive words can be set per node for Units (up to 62,000 words for Boards).

• Data links can be performed with up to 4,000 *2 words per node while ensuring data concurrency.

• User-set data link tables can be changed while data links are operating. *3

• Errors for the entire system can be monitored by using error diagnosis support software and a variety of status flags.

*1. Supported for unit version 1.2 or later.
*2. CJ1W-CLK23 and 3G8F7-CLK[]3 are supported.
*3. Supported for CJ1W-CLK23, 3G8F7-CLK[]3, and models ending with "-V1".