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Smart Sensors (Inductive Displacement Type)


High-accuracy Detection of Metal Workpiece Displacement


Sensor Heads

Shape Dimensions Sensing distance Resolution *1 Model
Cylindrical 3 dia. x 18 mm 0.5 mm 1 μm ZX-EDR5T
5.4 dia. x 18 mm 1 mm ZX-ED01T *2
8 dia. x 22 mm 2 mm ZX-ED02T *2
Screw-shaped M10 x 22 mm ZX-EM02T *2
M18 x 46.3 mm 7 mm ZX-EM07MT *2
Flat 30 x 14 x 4.8 mm 4 mm ZX-EV04T *2 *3
Heat-resistant, cylindrical M12 x 22 mm 2 mm ZX-EM02HT *4

*1:For an average count of 4,096.
*2:Models with Protective Spiral Tubes are also available. Add a suffix of “-S” to the above model numbers when ordering.
     (Example: ZX-ED01T-S)
     As for ZX-EM07MT, please mention ZX-EM07M-S when ordering.
For detailed dimensions of the Protective Spiral Tube, refer to the information on the E39-F32A on the OMRON website.
*3: Be sure to use ZX-EDA Amplifier Unit version 1,200 or later with the ZX-EV04T.
*4: Be sure to use ZX-EDA Amplifier Unit version 1,300 or later with the ZX-EM02HT.

Amplifier Units

Appearance Power supply Output type Model

Note: Compatible connection with the Sensor Head.

Accessories (Order Separately)

Calculating Unit

Appearance Model

Amplifier Mounting Brackets

A ZX-XBE1 is provided with the Sensor. Order an Amplifier Mounting Bracket separately if required.

Appearance Model Remarks
ZX-XBE1 Attached to each Sensor Head
ZX-XBE2 For DIN track mounting

Logging Tool for Personal Computers

Appearance Name Model
Communications Interface Unit (RS-232C) ZX-SF11
Smart Monitor (Logging Software + Function Setting Software) ZX-SW11EV3 *1

Setup Tool for Personal Computer

Appearance Name Model
Communications Interface Unit (RS-232C) + Smart Monitor Basic *2
(Function Setting Software)
ZX-SFW11EV3 *1

*1. The ZX-SFW11EV3 or ZX-SW11EV3 is required to use the Smart Monitor with the ZX-LDA11-N/41-N. Earlier versions cannot be used.
*2. The Smart Monitor Basic does not have a logging function.
Other than the logging function, the Smart Monitor Basic supports the same functions as the Smart Monitor.

Cables with Connectors on Both Ends (for Extension)*

Cable length Model Quantity
1 m ZX-XC1A 1
4 m ZX-XC4A
8 m ZX-XC8A

* Robot cable models are also available. The model numbers are ZX-XC[]R.

Bank Unit

Appearance Model