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CRT1-[]D08(-1) / []D16(-1) / ROS[] / ROF[]

Digital I/O Slave Units with Screw Terminal Blocks (2-tier Terminal Block/Relay Output/SSR Output)

CRT1-[]D08(-1) / []D16(-1) / ROS[] / ROF[]

Visualize the actual worksite status! Simple and Intelligent I/O Slave Units.

In addition to the Digital I/O Slave Unit's basic digital ON/OFF signals, collect useful information from the Slave Unit to improve equipment operating rates and maintainability.

Communications connector and removable I/O terminal block enable faster startup times and improved maintainability.

One Expansion Unit can be added to each Digital I/O Slave Unit to increase system configuration flexibility.

Collect various preventive maintenance data required to improve productivity, such as information on equipment deterioration due to aging and equipment operating time data.

Simplify startup with the communications power supply monitoring function.