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CRT1-[]D08(-1) / []D16(-1) / ROS[] / ROF[]

Digital I/O Slave Units with Screw Terminal Blocks (2-tier Terminal Block/Relay Output/SSR Output)

CRT1-[]D08(-1) / []D16(-1) / ROS[] / ROF[]

Visualize the actual worksite status! Simple and Intelligent I/O Slave Units.

Name Specifications Model
Two-tier Screw Terminal Block Inputs 8 inputs NPN CRT1-ID08
Outputs 8 outputs NPN CRT1-OD08
Inputs 16 inputs NPN CRT1-ID16 *
PNP CRT1-ID16-1 *
Outputs 16 outputs NPN CRT1-OD16 *
PNP CRT1-OD16-1 *
Inputs/Outputs 8 inputs/8 outputs NPN CRT1-MD16
Screw Terminal Block with Relay Outputs Outputs 8 outputs Contacts CRT1-ROS08
16 outputs CRT1-ROS16
Screw Terminal Block with SSR Outputs Outputs 8 outputs SSR CRT1-ROF08
16 outputs CRT1-ROF16

* These Units are also available with a DCN-TB4 Terminal Conversion Adapter included in the package. Add "(-B)" to the
  end of the model number to receive the Adapter as well.

Expansion Units

One Expansion Unit can be combined with one Digital I/O Slave Unit (CRT1-ID16(-1), CRT1-OD16(-1), CRT1-ROS16, or CRT1-ROF16).
The following Expansion Units are available. They can be combined in various ways for flexible I/O capacity expansion.

Model I/O points Input capacity Output capacity
XWT-ID08 8 DC inputs (NPN) 8 0
XWT-ID08-1 8 DC inputs (PNP) 8 0
XWT-OD08 8 transistor outputs (NPN) 0 8
XWT-OD08-1 8 transistor outputs (PNP) 0 8
XWT-ID16 16 DC inputs (NPN) 16 0
XWT-ID16-1 16 DC inputs (PNP) 16 0
XWT-OD16 16 transistor outputs (NPN) 0 16
XWT-OD16-1 16 transistor outputs (PNP) 0 16