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Ionizers for Air Clean Unit


Ionizer That Can be Combined with Air Clean Units (Industry First/Patent pending)

ZN-J Features 1 ZN-J_Features1

Opening Constructed Not to Obstruct Laminar Airflow

The opening does not obstruct the airflow from the Air Clean Unit eliminating worries about disrupting the laminar airflow.

ZN-J Features 4 ZN-J_Features2

Wide Discharge Area by Adopting Variable DC Ionization Method

Variale DC ionization is used to discharge over a wide area.

ZN-J Features 7 ZN-J_Features3

Automatic Ion Balance

Two Sensors provide constant feedback on the ion balance to maintain uniform discharging.

ZN-J Features 10 ZN-J_Features4

Self-diagnosis and Display Functions

LED indicators and external outputs provide notification when discharge needles require cleaning or discharge errors occur. Cleaning outputs are made at two levels: warnings and alarms.

ZN-J Features 13 ZN-J_Features5

Ozone Buildup Prevention (Patent pending)

Discharging is stopped when a signal indicating that the Air Clean Unit fan has stopped is received. This function prevents ozone from remaining due to discharging.

ZN-J Features 16 ZN-J_Features6

Simple Maintenance

Discharge needles are modular and can be easily replaced.

ZN-J Features 19 ZN-J_Features8

Simple Mounting and Wiring

The Ionizer can be installed easily by inserting it between the Air Clean Unit and the top of the Clean Booth and securing it with screws. Wiring work is greatly reduced by the connectors used for connection to the Air Clean Units.

ZN-J Features 22 ZN-J_Features7