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General-purpose Relays


New Super MK Relays. Models with Latching Lever Added to the Series.

(Unit: mm)

Models without Latching Lever

MK-S Dimensions 1

Models with Latching Lever

MK-S Dimensions 2


See below for Socket dimensions.

MK-S Dimensions 4

Note: Use the Surface-mounting Sockets (i.e., finger-protection models) with "-E" at the end of the model number. When
          using the PF083A and PF113A, be sure not to exceed the Socket's maximum carry current of 5 A. Using at a current
          exceeding 5 A may lead to burning. Round terminals cannot be used for finger-protection models. Use Y-shaped

PF083A-E (Conforming to EN 50022)

MK-S Dimensions 5

PF113A-E (Conforming to EN 50022)

MK-S Dimensions 6


MK-S Dimensions 7


MK-S Dimensions 8

Hold-down Clips

(2 pieces per set)

MK-S Dimensions 10

Mounting Tracks

PFP-100N, PFP-50N
(Conforming to EN 50022)

MK-S Dimensions 12

(Conforming to EN 50022)

MK-S Dimensions 13

Mounting Height with Sockets

Surface-mounting Sockets

MK-S Dimensions 15

Note: PF083A(-E) and PF113A(-E) allow either track or screw mounting.