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BF-[](R) / BS-1(T)

Electrode Holder

BF-[](R) / BS-1(T)

Complete Lineup for Use in High-temperature, High-pressure Environments or Where Exposed to Chemicals

Model BF-1 BF-3(R) *1 BF-5(R) *1 BS-1 BS-1T
No. of Electrodes 1 3 5 --- ---
Insulator material PPS resin (Metallic section is SUS.) Fluorocarbon polymer (PFA)
Insulation resistance 100 MΩ
Operating temperature Electrode section: -10 to 150°C (with no icing)
Terminal section: -10 to 70°C (with no icing or condensation)
250°C max. 180°C max.
Operating pressure Atmospheric pressure 1.96 MPa *2 981 kPa *2
Applications Liquids with low specific
resistance, such as
wastewater and cloudy water
General applications for purified water
and wastewater
Boiler water level
detection or high-
temperature tanks
Acid or alkaline
solution level

*1. Two-wire Electrode Holders (R models) have a built-in resistance of 6.8 kΩ. They should be used with the Two-wire
       61F Controllers.
*2. Vapor leakage may occur when used outside of the specified operating temperature and pressure range.
       Use the Electrode Holder within the specified maximum operating temperature and pressure range according to the
       following pressure-temperature curve.

BF-[](R) / BS-1(T) Specifications 3