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XS5, XS2, XS6

Industrial Ethernet Cables

XS5, XS2, XS6

Cables and Connectors for EtherNet/IP™, EtherCAT® and Other Industrial Ethernet Networks

In coordination with our extensive lineup of telecommunication products, our Ethernet cables deliver Reliable connection quality

Industrial Ethernet Cables Series

With the growing prevalence of IoT, automated factory sites are also replacing serial connection with Ethernet as their main method of communication, and their expectations for connection quality are becoming increasingly demanding.
At Omron, we provide an extensive array of Industrial Ethernet cables and connectors that our unique technologies in connection (One-touch Smartclick) and environmental resistance to enable reliable connection. These products support both controller-level and device-level networks, and can be used together with general-purpose Ethernet as well.
You can ensure connection quality by coordinating them with our PLCs and other products from our assortment of Ethernet devices.

XS5, XS2, XS6 Features 2

STEP1 | Select by standard / use environment

Omron's Cables and Connectors support EtherNet/IP™, EtherCAT®, and other Industrial Ethernet, allowing for selection according to standard and use environment

1.Select by cable standard (Ethernet speed)

Be sure to use Ethernet Cables and Connectors that supports Ethernet speed you need.
Check the Ethernet speed of your PLC, sensors, and any other component you plan to use and select cables and connectors that complies with the necessary standards.

XS5, XS2, XS6 Features 4

[Cat6A] For high-Cat6A speed communication

Cables with RJ45 Connectors

XS5, XS2, XS6 Features 5


XS5, XS2, XS6 Features 6

Notes: 1. We recommend for 100BASE-TX/10BASE-T, use STP (shielded twisted-pair) cable of category 5 or higher
              and 1000BASE-T, use STP cable of category 5e or higher with double shielding (aluminum tape and braiding).
          2. For Power over Ethernet (PoE) applicat ions, use cable of category 5 or higher and make sure to check the
              rated values of both the PoE device and Ethernet Cables and Connectors.

2. Select by cable use environment

Use RJ45 connectors for in-panel wiring and M12 connectors (Round Water - resistant Connectors) with IP67 protection for wiring outside the control panel where environmental resistance is required.

XS5, XS2, XS6 Features 7

Note: The data on this image are the results of OMRON testing. They may vary for your environment and application
   Treat them as a reference.

STEP2 | Use properly products according to feature

Extensive lineup of high-quality products allows for use of different models according to purpose

Product features

RJ45 Connectors

Cables with standard RJ45 Connectors XS6W-6PUR

XS5, XS2, XS6 Features 12

• Compact RJ45 connectors reduce in-panel cable routing space
• Enhanced wiring flexibility
• Double-shielded for use in hostile, noisy environments
• Cable colors include blue, yellow, or green.

Cables with standard RJ45 Connectors XS6W-6LSZH

XS5, XS2, XS6 Features 13

• Compact RJ45 connectors reduce in-panel cable routing space
• Flame-retardant low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) cables produce very little toxic gases even if they should burn
• Cable colors include blue, yellow, or green.

Note: This model, while single-shielded, has been confirmed to provide communication/noise characteristics that meet the standards.

Cables with Rugged RJ45 Connectors XS5W-T421-[]MD-[][]

XS5, XS2, XS6 Features 14

• RJ45 connectors with tough latch structure
• Double-shielded for use in hostile, noisy environments

M12 Connectors

Cables with standard M12 Connectors XS5[]-T42[]-[]M[]-[][]

XS5, XS2, XS6 Features 16

• Environment - resistant M12 connectors (Round Water-resistant Connectors) with IP67 protection that can be mated one-touch (approximately 1/8 of a turn)
• Double-shielded for use in hostile, noisy environments
• Extensive product lineup, including cables with right-angle connectors and those for panel mounting

Cables with Strengthened shield M12 Connectors XS5[]-T42[]-[]M[]-SS

XS5, XS2, XS6 Features 17

• Offers environmental resistance and one-touch mating, with strengthened shielding for enhanced noise resistance.
 Copper foil tape added to connector portion for improved communication characteristics.

Note : Cables with RJ45/M12 Connectors also available. For more information, refer to list of product specifications, starting from Catalog.

RJ45 Assembly Connectors XS6G-T421-1

Enables easy on-site Ethernet cable assembly without crimp tools or other special tools.
Refer to Catalog for assembly instructions.

XS5, XS2, XS6 Features 19