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Contact-Type Smart Sensor


Tough Contact Sensor


Tough under Vibration and Shock

Ball Spline Mechanism

A ball spline mechanism is used to hold the balls in grooves (on the right in the following diagram). This helps prevent the balls from damaging internal parts due to vibration or shock to reduce the chance of malfunction. In comparison with the previous method (on the left in the following diagram), load capacity is increased and an exceptionally smooth sliding operation is achieved for long-term stable operation.

E9NC-T Features 3

Resists Water and Oil

IP67 Degree of Protection *1 and Magnetic Sensing Method

IP67 protection is combined with a magnetic sensing method. Even in the unlikely event that water, oil, or condensation enters the sensing section, this sensor is not affected by problems such as light scattering, which can occur with optical sensors. You therefore get stable detection even in harsh environments.

E9NC-T Features 5

* 1. For the right-angle type, this applies only when a hose elbow and air hose are connected.

Withstands Bending

Robot Cables * 3

E9NC-T Features 8

* 3 .Robot cable specifications apply to the Sensor Head cable and the Connection Cable between the Preamplifier and the Amplifier Unit.

E9NC-T Features 9


Slim, Short Sensor Heads

8-mm outside diameter

E9NC-T Features 12

Measuring Dimensions of Electronic Components

E9NC-T Features 13

* E9NC-TH5S (on the left) and E9NC-TH5L (on the right)

E9NC-T Features 14

Slim Amplifier Units

Slim Body Only 10 mm Wide

E9NC-T Features 16

* For the above connection example.


Data Communications via Field Networks

High-precision Data Transmission (0.1-μm Resolution)

With a standard type with an analog output, accuracy is reduced when the data is sent.
With the communications type, however, the high-precision data measured at a resolution of 0.1 μm is transmitted as digital data without loosing any precision or accuracy.

E9NC-T Features 19

Connect Many Sensors

Connect Up to 30 Sensors with Reduced Wiring * 1

You can quickly and easily connect E9NC-TA0 Units to the E3NW-ECT Sensor Communications Unit. You can easily achieve simultaneous measurements or measurements for multiple processes. You can reduce wiring work in comparison with the analog output type.

* 1. When using EtherCAT with an OMRON NJ-series Controller.
        With CC-Link, you can connect up to 16 Sensors.

E9NC-T Features 21

Eight Calculation Functions

From Maximum/Minimum Values to Warp and Thickness

Just add function blocks to the host controller to easily perform various calculations.

E9NC-T Features 23

* 2. Function blocks are available for Mitsubishi Q-series and L-series Controllers.
        For details, please contact your OMRON sales representative.