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Two-circuit Limit Switch / Long-life Two-circuit Limit Switch


Select the Best Two-circuit Switch for the Operating Environment and Application from a Wide Range of Models

Standard Switches

Many Variations in Standard Limit Switches
A Wide Range of Models

The series includes includes many different actuators that you select to match the workpiece shape and motion, and a wide range of Switch variations, such as models with operation indicators for easier working and maintenance and models with different types of connectors.

Environment-resistant Switches

Select from Six Types of Environment Resistance

The series includes Airtight Switches, Hermetic Switches, Heatresistant Switches, Low-temperature Switches, Corrosion-proof switches, and Weather-proof Switches. You can select the model based on the onsite environment.

Spatter-prevention Switches

Excellent Performance on Arc Welding Lines or Sites with Spattering Cutting Powder
Ideal for Welding Sites

These Switches use stainless steel or resin to prevent the adhesion of spatter.
They can be used to reduce problems caused by zinc power generated during welding.

Long-life Switches

Mechanical Endurance of 30 Million Operations
Long-life Models for High-frequency Applications

A mechanical durability of 30 million operations minimum is provided.
The head features a double-seal structure with a head cap and oil seal.

Features Common to All Switches

DPDB Operation

The double-pole, double-break structure ensures circuit braking.

WL-N / WLM-N Features 10

Degree of Protection; IP67

Approved Standards to Aid Export Machines

The Switches are certified for EN/IEC, UL, cUL, and CCC making them ideal for export machines.

Applicable to Either Standard Loads or Microloads

Standard-feature gold-clad contacts provide high reliability.
The use of a high-contact-pressure crossbar structure also increases reliability.

Easy to Work With

Downsizing of the built-in switch has increased the space to house the wiring.
The insulating paper that was often in the way when wiring has been eliminated.
Nickle-plated steel screws are used for the terminal screws.
The screws adhere to magnetized screwdrivers to prevent dropping and loosing them.

Models with Connectors to Reduce Wiring

A neon lamp or LED indicates the operating status.
The 3D structure of the lamp cover disperses light so you can check the operating status from the side.