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Smart Laser Sensors


Ideal for Applications That Cannot Be Handled with Fiber Sensors or Photoelectric Sensors

[Presence] E3NC-L series of Compact Laser Sensors

E3NC Features 2

Retro-reflective Model

E3NC Features 3

Stable Detection of Many Types of Workpieces, Even Transparent Ones

E3NC Features 4
E3NC Features 5

Detects Film That’s 95% Transparent
High-frequency Modulation for Stable Detection of Even Minor
Variations in the Thickness or Position of Transparent Objects

High-frequency Modulation

Conventional emitted laser beams have a single wavelength. With high-frequency Modulation, the emitted laser beam is controlled so that it contains multiple wavelengths.

E3NC Features 6
E3NC Features 7
E3NC Features 8

Diffuse-reflective Model

E3NC Features 9

Long-distance and Variable Spot to Stably Detect the Target Workpiece

E3NC Features 10
E3NC Features 11

Adjust the Spot to the Workpiece or Application for Stable Detection.
Variable Spot

You can adjust the spot size to the workpiece size or sensing surface conditions for even more-stable detection. The use of a crown lock eliminates the need for tools to lock the spot adjuster. Just press in the adjuster to lock it to prevent the setting from changing.

E3NC Features 12
E3NC Features 13

Limited-reflective Model

E3NC Features 14

Minute Spot for High-precision Detection

E3NC Features 15

[Detection] E3NC-S series of Ultra-compact CMOS Laser Sensors

E3NC Features 17


E3NC Features 18

Stable Detection Even for Glossy Metals or Cast Metals Regardless of Workpiece Color, Material, or Surface Conditions

E3NC Features 19

OMRON’s Unique HSDR-CMOS (High Speed and Dynamic Range)
Dynamic Range of Up to
500,000 Times

The shutter time of the CMOS is adjusted to the workpiece. And then the emission power is adjusted to optimize the amount of dispersed light that is received.

E3NC Features 21

Stable Detection with Triangulation

With triangulation, the workpiece is measured by measuring the detection position on the position detection section, which receives the light. Therefore, the influence of changes in the incident level is limited.

E3NC Features 22

Limited Influence of Inclination in Sensor Installation. More Ability to Handle Workpieces and Greater Flexibility in Installation

Even if the Sensor is mounted at an angle, the workpiece can still be detected due to the reduced mounting restrictions.
Inclined mounting at up to 60°

E3NC Features 23

Accessories (Sold Separately) [Presence] E3NC-L series of Compact Laser Sensors

E3NC Features 25

Lens Attachments
E39-P51 (For E3NC-LH03 Retro-reflective Models)
E39-P52 (For E3NC-LH02 Diffuse-reflective Models)

Handle Even More Applications with a Line Beam

E3NC Features 26
E3NC Features 27

Select the Line Beam Shape [PAT.P]

You can mount a Lens Attachment to the E3NC-LH02 and adjust the spot to create various shapes of line beams. Adjusting the beam shape to the workpiece enables even more-stable detection.

Rubber Packing

The Lens Attachments have internal rubber packings to reduce the entry of dirt between the Sensor Head and Lens Attachment.

E3NC Features 29

[Presence] [Detection]

Laser Amplifier Units E3NC-LA
Laser Amplifier Units (CMOS Type) E3NC-SA

E3NC Features 31

Consistent Operating Methods for All N-Smart Amplifier Units.
White Display Characters for High Visibility.

Select the Best Tuning Method According to the Application
Smart Tuning

E3NC Features 33

[Common Functions *]
Basic Tuning
Two-point Tuning

The larger incident level between measurements with and without a workpiece is set to 9,999.

E3NC Features 35

[Common Functions *]
High-speed Workpieces
Full Auto Tuning

You can adjust to moving workpieces without stopping the line.

E3NC Features 37

[Additional E3NC-LA Functions]
High-precision Positioning
Position Tuning

High-precision, pinpoint workpiece positioning is possible.

E3NC Features 39

* The common functions are provided by both the E3NC-LA and the E3NC-SA.

[Additional E3NC-LA Functions]
Long-term Stable Detection with Essentially No Maintenance Even When the Sensor Is Dirty
DPC (Dynamic Power Control)

Even if dirt or machine vibration reduces the amount of light received, OMRON’s unique DPC automatically compensates the displayed incident level to achieve stable, high-precision detection.

E3NC Features 42

[Additional E3NC-SA Functions]
Stable Detection of Everything But the Background
Tuning without a Workpiece

The background is used as a reference to detect everything but the reference.The surface conditions or inclination of the workpiece do not influence detection, so stable detection is maintained without changing the settings even if the workpiece is changed.

E3NC Features 44
E3NC Features 45

Easy Adjustment after Head Installation
Easy-to-understand Distance Display (Approximation)

You can see the distance at a glance, which simplifies adjustment. After head installation, you can reduce adjustment time after line switchovers and reduce line stoppage time.

E3NC Features 46