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V780 Series


V780 Series

3 in 1 UHF RFID System: Antenna, Amplifier & Controller

[Stable communications even in high-mix production lines] Reliable long distance communications

Stable detection of objects with different heights

The UHF RFID system with a wide communication range can identify the objects in various sizes on a line or the carts which take different routs.

V780 Series Features 2

Focus Mode prevents misreads and reads only target tags [PATENT PENDING *1]

Even when two or more RF tags exist in the communication range, the reader/writer can read the target tag just in front of it. It reads RF tags in the order in which they are conveyed while ignoring RF tags on pallets around the line.

V780 Series Features 3

RF tags conforming to ISO/IEC 18000-63 are available

In addition to V780 RF Tags, the RF tags that conform to ISO/IEC 18000-63 (ISO/IEC 18000-6 Type C) can be used.

Contact your Omron representative for details.

Flexible expansion of communication range

Connect up to 8 reader/writers to expand range [PATENT PENDING/PATENTED *1]

Multi-Reader/Writer function *2

One reader/writer is set as a master, and others are set as slaves.
When the host device sends commands to the master reader/writer, the reader/writers work like one reader/writer that has a wide communication range.

V780 Series Features 7


Detection of passing pallets

When simultaneously inspecting all stacked pallets passing through a portal, install the reader/writers on both the left and right sides of the portal to read an RF tag placed on either the left or right side of each pallet.

V780 Series Features 9

Location of vehicles

It takes time to locate a defective vehicle outside the assembly line or a finished vehicle ready for shipment by using the on-board paper.
Place an RF tag on the dashboard of each vehicle and install reader/writers on the vehicle waiting space to read the tags, which reduces the time to locate vehicles.

V780 Series Features 10

Cost-effective slave reader/writer [NEW]

V780 Series Features 11

Use the V780-HMD68-ETN-[][]-S Slave Reader/Writer as a slave to inexpensively create a system with the Multi-Reader/Writer function that expands the communication range.

* See Catalog for details.

*1. PATENT PENDING/PATENTED means that the patent was applied for or the patent was granted. (As of August 2019)
*2. Version 3 or later provides this function.

[No RFID expertise required for installation] Automatic setting adjustment according to environment

Automatic transmission power tuning

V780 Series Features 14

The transmission power required for communications between the reader/writer and RF tags are measured and automatically set to appropriate values. The set power will be large enough to communicate with RF tags and minimize interference with other reader/writers.
This function is useful when multiple reader/writers are installed in one factory. The transmission power can be easily set via the web browser.

Reception Level Monitor shows reception levels over time for installation/adjustment

V780 Series Features 15

This function visualizes reception levels, helping adjust installation positions of reader/writers and RF tags and check communication ranges.
When RF tags on two or more objects are read for adjustment, connect your PC with the reader/writer to check a time series graph of the reception levels via the web browser.

LED indicators help you adjust installation positions

In addition to the web browser, the flashing speed of the LED indicators on the reader/writer provides a visual indication of the reception level. This makes it easier to install and adjust a reader/writer or RF tag at a production site.

V780 Series Features 16

[Easy troubleshooting during operation] Visualizing causes from 8,000 logged results

Monitor communication status via the web browser

By connecting a PC, you can set parameters and monitor communication status, noise levels, and communication log via the web browser. This facilitates maintenance and troubleshooting.

RF communications diagnostics log (displayed as a list or graph)

The latest 8,000 communication diagnostic results are listed in a table. When communications are unstable, the probable causes and workarounds are displayed to make troubleshooting easier. Also, a graph shows RSSI levels and noise levels to aid identify the causes of unstable communications. The diagnostic results can be output to CSV files.

V780 Series Features 19

Channel monitor

Noise levels in the operating environment are displayed to allow you to check radio interference. You can identify noise sources and take measures to stabilize operation.

V780 Series Features 20

Real-time communication status indication

You can immediately check the communication status with the indicators of the reader/writer.
The indicators using high-brightness LED can be easily seen even from a distance.

V780 Series Features 21


Automotive body assembly

Introduce unique identification of bodies to high-mix production lines

The wide communication range and focus mode enable bodyworks to be reliably detected from several meters away.

V780 Series Features 24

Parts transportation

Accurately supply parts even in high-mix production

The passing pallets can be detected correctly.
The LED indicators show in real time whether the pallet is detected.

V780 Series Features 26

Handling materials in containers

Quickly set up detection of individual containers

Reception Level Monitor that shows reception levels over time helps installation. No special knowledge required.

V780 Series Features 28

Hanging conveyance

Introduce unique identification for high-mix production Facilitate maintenance work at heights

High-brightness LED indicators that provide clear status indication can be seen from a distance.

V780 Series Features 30

Paper roll management

Introduce unique identification for high-mix production Reduce effects of noise from other devices

The causes are visualized from 8,000 logged results. Channel monitor shows noise levels in the web browser to help identify the causes.

V780 Series Features 32

Regulations for UHF wireless (radio regulations) will be complied with

RFID systems as well as mobile phones and TVs must comply with national radio regulations.
The V780 Series currently complies with radio regulations in many countries and will comply with them in other countries. For the list of countries where the V780 is available, please contact your Omron representative for details.