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Finder Function Option

Finder Option for Fiber Laser Markers

Finder Function Option

Give your Laser Marker the Eyes to Confirm Marking Quality. The same product enables position-compensated marking and data marked, including 2D codes inspection.

Position-compensated Marking

No mechanical position-compensation is needed.

Finder Function Option Features 1

Great Benefits

The camera confirming and compensating for the workpiece position makes position-compensation mechanisms unnecessary.
Jigs are not required even for multiple product types. The finder option contributes to both cost reductions and system simplification.

System Configuration for Position-compensation and inspection

Finder Function Option Features 3

Note: Refer to Catalog for device configuration details.

Inspection/Reading 2D Codes

Consolidate to a single process.

Finder Function Option Features 4

The Benefits

Simplifies device configuration, reduces processes, reduces the cycle time and reduces costs.
Compatible with the FH series vision system and FQ2 series smart camera, it's a must for multiple products inspections.

Furthermore, the MX-Z2000H series, ...
Direct Finder Link Eliminates the need of a PLC

Using the MX-Z2000H series direct finder link, the laser marker and the vision system can be connected directly, without going through a PLC. This reduces the design effort even more.
There is no longer any need for the PLC control programming for each device.

Finder Function Option Features 7

Display & Monitoring

A large screen simplifies marking monitoring and provides visibility of a larger area.

Finder Function Option Features 8

The Advantages

• Confirm the mark position easily on the monitor.
• Choose the lens and lighting that best fits for your application.

Choose the Right Lens for the Required Field of View

When Example using the FZ-S2M camera and FH vision controller
Using the MX-9151 camera attachment and different camera lenses, they will give the following perspective when viewing 15mm integrated chips:

Finder Function Option Features 10

Choose the Most Suitable Lighting for Your Application

Finder Function Option Features 11