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Environment-resistive Remote Terminal NXR-series IO-Link I/O Hub


Reduced wiring system with IO-Link

Streamline commissioning and maintenance efforts and stabilize operation

Since conventional commissioning and maintenance methods via field networks are insufficient for modern manufacturing sites, some problems, such as increase in MTTR and commissioning time, are arising.
As a solution to these problems, OMRON analyzed unnecessary and inefficient work in production processes, and developed NXR Series that comes equipped with various functions to save time and ensure uninterrupted operation.

NXR-[]D166C-IL2 Features 1

Features of NXR Environment-resistive Remote Terminal

No control panel required thanks to IP67 protection

NXR-[]D166C-IL2 Features 3

Data utilization with reduced wiring

Adding the IO-Link I/O hub simplifies wiring while providing the capability of data utilization.

NXR-[]D166C-IL2 Features 4
NXR-[]D166C-IL2 Features 5

Simple and quick setup and commissioning

Setup without software designer intervention [NEW]

NXR-[]D166C-IL2 Features 7

On-site operators can make port settings for the IO-Link master unit simply by setting the rotary switches to a pre-set pattern, reducing setup time and software designers’ workload.

NXR-[]D166C-IL2 Features 8

Batch device setting using CX-ConfiguratorFDT

NXR-[]D166C-IL2 Features 9

Automatic setting of IO-Link parameters on the configuration tool and transfer of remote terminal and IO-Link device settings from the controller significantly reduce setup time by 90%*1.
*1. Compared with OMRON’s NX Series in May 2020.

NXR-[]D166C-IL2 Features 10

Easy and accurate configuration using Sysmac Studio

NXR-[]D166C-IL2 Features 11

Configuration settings of connected actual IO-Link devices can be verified and obtained in Sysmac Studio.
In addition, the process data structure and device variables of the set devices can be generated automatically, reducing programming time. This can save you configuration time while preventing human errors.

NXR-[]D166C-IL2 Features 12
NXR-[]D166C-IL2 Features 13

Stable operation by visualizing communication quality

NXR-[]D166C-IL2 Features 14

Quantified Ethernet and IO-Link communication statuses allow you to find network cabling errors before operation. During operation, the communication statuses can be monitored, making it possible to check the system before it suddenly stops.

NXR-[]D166C-IL2 Features 15

*1. The NJ/NX CPU Units and NY Industrial PCs support EtherCAT.

NXR-[]D166C-IL2 Features 16

Short MTTR by easy replacement and quick recovery

I/O cable and communication cable diagnostics

NXR-[]D166C-IL2 Features 18

The remote terminal reports approximate locations of disconnections or short circuits in Ethernet cables, and detects disconnections or short circuits in I/O cables.

NXR-[]D166C-IL2 Features 19

Replacement and setting without software [NEW]

NXR-[]D166C-IL2 Features 20

When a failure occurs, the operator can restore the IO-Link Master Unit by setting the rotary switches, without using a PC.*3 The software designer doesn’t need to visit the site. As for port setting for the NXR-ILM08C-ECT IO-Link Master Unit for EtherCAT, the time required for recovery is shortened by 95% compared with setting on a PC*4.

NXR-[]D166C-IL2 Features 21

*2. The NXR-ILM08C-EIT IO-Link Master Unit for EtherNet/IP can report approximate locations of problems in Ethernet cables.
*3. The setting range of I/O port quick setting is the device parameter of NXR-ILM08C-ECT. When replacing an IO-link device with settings other than the default, set the IO-Link device parameters using CX-Configurator-FDT.
*4. Calculated under our specified conditions in November 2023.