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Ultra-Compact Common Terminal Blocks (For Sensor Power Supply)


This model is small and ideal for sensor power supply

Saving Space and More-advanced Control Panels

The interface wiring system of the smallest size industry*1 help delivering more compact control panels with additional functionality

XW2K-COM Features 1

Smallest size in industry*1 and 2-way vertical/horizontal mounting feature allow for effective use of space

XW2K Value Design for Panel interface wiring system are the smallest in the industry and can be mounted both vertically and horizontally (2-way mounting feature). This reduces dead space, allowing you to downsize your control panel and enhance your equipment while maintaining its size.

XW2K-COM Features 2

Not enough space in height direction

Horizontal mount: Save vertical space by installing the wiring system only

XW2K-COM Features 3

Not enough space in width direction

Vertical mount: Save horizontal space by installing in same row as other devices

XW2K-COM Features 4

Space-saving example (switching from screw wiring system)

XW2K-COM Features 5

Shortening Lead Time for Control Panel Building

Web selection tool and unique product specifications, accelerating an entire process of control panel manufacturing.

XW2K-COM Features 6


eCAD library provided for all models greatly reduces design work

XW2K-COM Features 8

OMRON provides the libraries for over 48,000 models*1, highest in the industry, to achieve the great reduction of works for electrical design drawing and data creation.
*1. In the case of EPLAN, based on OMRON’s investigation as of 2020 December
*2. In the case of ZUKEN E3 series

eCAD Partners

By cooperating with various partners, we offer you more choices for your eCAD solutions.

E3.series is a product name of Zuken Inc. for their Electrical and Control Cable Design Solution.
EPLAN is a registered trademark of EPLAN Software & Service GmbH & Co. KG.

XW2K-COM Features 9


Reduce wiring by passing over power supply using common terminal provided for device power supply

Specialized board separates signal / power supply lines for easier wiring.

XW2K-COM Features 11

Push-In Plus technology requires only a single step, greatly reducing wiring work

XW2K-COM Features 12


No need for retightening, even when vibration is applied on terminals

The pressure of the clamp spring holds the ferrule or wire securely with Push-In Plus technology, eliminating worries about screws loosening or disconnection due to vibration.

XW2K-COM Features 14

Make space for additional I/O just by rotating XW2K

Space can be made for additional terminal blocks without rewiring a vertical mount terminal block.

XW2K-COM Features 15

Reducing Wiring Work

Push-In Plus technology and Front-in / Front-release Wiring allow wiring work easier and speedier.

XW2K-COM Features 16

Push-In Plus technology with both reliability and ease of insertion

XW2K-COM Features 17

OMRON’s Push-In Plus technology is as easy as inserting to an earphone jack.
This reduces the load on worker ngers.

XW2K-COM Features 18

Even though less insertion force is required, the wires are held firmly in place by a unique spring structure that ensures reliability.
*1. In the case that a cable diameter is AWG20, 0.5 mm2
*2. OMRON's actual measurement value data.

Easy wiring with both hands for stranded wires with holding screwdriver

XW2K-COM Features 19

Terminals lined up in a way that is easy to understand, making wiring easier

Terminals, each labeled with its PLC address, are organized from left to right on a specialized board, enabling the same work efficiency for different PLCs (supports PLCs manufactured by OMRON, Mitsubishi Electric, Keyence, Yokogawa Electric, Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems, and Fuji Electric).

Note. Caution must be exercised when connecting to Yokogawa Electric, Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems, and Fuji Electric PLCs.
The PLC addresses are aligned from the left. However, the PLC addresses printed on the top surface of the terminal block are shown by the representative manufacturer.
・For Yokogawa Electric and Hitachi Industrial Equipment System PLCs ⇒ Address notation for Omron PLCs
・For Fuji Electric PLC ⇒ Address notation for Mitsubishi Electric PLC

XW2K-COM Features 20

Wiring system can be mounted/removed without tools, making wiring easier even when installed in places that are difficult to access

Terminal blocks mounted on the side of the panel were often difficult to wire. XW2K can be removed, without tools, and easily wired while held in your hand.

XW2K-COM Features 21